Connecting companies and organizations with Innovative and Competitive Terrestrial and Satellite Communication services

What we do

Converting cutting-edge IoT and SATCOM solutions to powerful commercial products

The Commercial SatCom market is evolving rapidly as governmental, industrial, and other organizations look to commercial SatCom as a solution to their communication needs.

Interzone SATCOM Services (ISCS) is your valuable partner to launch and commercialize your Satcom products and services in Europe and potentially expanding to additional global markets.

Through constant research and our wide network we integrate with the right manufacturers and service providers to bring to the European market innovative solutions combining features such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile 5g SERVICES and blockchain with satellites.

Our Vision

To become a global key player in forming the future eco-system of the Commercial Satellite Communications.

Our Mission

To connect the society with the Terrestrial and Satellite Communication services of the future era.

Unlocking unseen opportunities in the global Commercial Satcom market

Manufacturers of IoT and satellite communication modules may find it difficult to predict the financial and operational risks when launching their products and services in the European and other global markets.



We undertake the branding, including the building of the communication strategy, the management of the clients, the negotiations and the monitoring and management of all the processes required for the successful launch of your products in the European Market, in UK and the US.

Our Fields of Expertise


Secure communications with terrestrial and satellite interconnectivity


IoT solutions with integrated platform with terrestrial and satellite connectivity and smart messaging for any type of business.


Innovative, competitive, highly secure, unified terrestrial and satellite communication services

InterzoneSCS 5G SatIoT

end-to-end network onerview

enables technology for narrowband IoT connectivity on both 5G and Satellite

IoT hub provides two-way connectivity anywhere in the world, independent of terrestrial networks.

enables fully self – contained operating system for sensors, machines and edge-computing applications

network can be hosted on existing or new satellite platforms and existing Earth station infrastructure

provides a range of terminals lightweight & spectrally efficient, purpose built for NB-IoT

provides end-to-end solution for data access and analytics using private data warehouse & Platform or cloud with fully functional API

no smart hands required for installation

The Team

Meet our Experts

The executives of ISCS have solid experience in the ICT, AI, M2M and SATCOM sectors and maintain close industry connections globally, exhibiting a wide range of market experience, and operating via a small but agile business vehicle.

Our team has rich experience in business development as well as the scientific and technical knowledge required to proactively monitor market conditions and apply the appropriate commercialization model aiming at minimizing the operational and financial risks for our partners.

Mr. Peter Tjia


Mr. Peter Tjia holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration. He focused his professional education to Law & Security, became a Risk Security Expert and he continued his further his studies on Information & Security.


Dr. Vassilis Tsiafakis

Scientific Advisor

Accomplished and results-driven professional with extensive experience in space business development and wireless and satellite communications. Certified member of the ITU for interstate and international coordination


Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos​

Strategic Advisor

Serial entrepreneur in the fields of information technology, space, defense and security with long experience as an Advisor to the European Commission, the European Parliament and Governments worldwide.

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